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How It Works
How It Works

Step 1:

Enter basic info on our site.

Step 2:

Complete your emailed questions.

Step 3:

Sign & Mail forms to the court.

Benefits of our Service

Full Service

Never step foot in a courtroom.
Work on your documents from your phone, tablet & computer.

Personal Review

Our agents review each page to make sure that documents are approved the 1st time! No “corrections” necessary.

File from Home

We email the documents.
You print, sign and mail them in.
No additional paperwork necessary!


We guarantee that the documents
will be approved by the court
or your money back.


Our document specialists
proofread and contact you,
not the other way around!


Doing it Yourself is overrated.
Skip the How-To
and let the experts do the work for you.

Endorsed by the County Clerk Divorce Document Preparation Service prepares forms for spouses who are in agreement about the terms of their divorce and who choose to file by mail. Untie the Knot is a reliable company that helps ensure the accuracy of your forms and acceptance by the court. As one of two counties that accept filing by mail, the Wahkiakum county clerk’s office guarantees swift processing of your divorce in 90 days. Combined with the professional preparation of documents from, your divorce is in good hands!

Kay Holland
County Clerk of Wahkiakum, Washington

Testimonials from Our Clients

Thank you so much! I have had nothing but great service from you and I would definitely recommend your services!

Best Regards,

Sheri L.

I would like to thank You and everyone involved with my file. Your service is first class and will recommend it to anyone that is going through a divorce. No need to send me the certificate. Thank you very much.

All My Best


Thank you very much for helping me and your kindness with your co office mate I have friends wants to apply online divorce application I will give to them your your phone number and your email. Once again thank you very much and have a nice and beautiful day :)

From Monica P.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your help in filing and receiving my Divorce. No words can express my relief when I received my “Dissolution of Marriage”, signed by a judge.

I will refer anyone needing your service.

Mae G.

Using the service made me feel much more confident that legal documents were completed correctly. It really let me be more comfortable with the divorce process. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

Liz H.